Lambo crash

A Leicestershire haulage firm said its decision to install cameras to its fleet had been vindicated after a driver was cleared of writing off a £180,000 Lamborghini.

Crouch Logistics had subcontracted a van to UPS, which was involved in an accident with a Huracan Spyder in Northamptonshire.

The driver of the Italian sports car claimed the UPS driver had come out of nowhere and collided with his vehicle.

However, digital footage from Camera Telematics’ Street Angel revealed that the courier was not at fault and therefore not liable for what would have been a substantial insurance settlement.

Chris Crouch, Crouch Logistics MD, said: “Our decision to install Street Angel on our fleet of vehicles has been completely vindicated by the performance of the Camera Telematics’ kit in determining who was liable for the accident - particularly as the Lamborghini driver contested that the UPS driver was at fault.

“Having accurate footage from Street Angel proved in court that the Lamborghini driver was liable for the accident and that the UPS driver was in the clear.”