Culina Great Bear Port Salford

Culina Group has opened a site at Port Salford through its subsidiary Great Bear Distribution, which it bought last month.

Great Bear will be running the 85,344m² site, managing warehousing and distribution of a range of ambient brands arriving in the port.

General Mills has already been secured as a client, and will be shipping in products by brands such as Old El Passo and Green Giant from Europe.

The facility has space for 45,000 pallets, as well as 30 loading doors and space for 130 parked trailers. It will also create 280 jobs in the area, according to Culina.

Culina chief executive Thomas Van Mourik said: “Port Salford is a truly cutting edge facility, and one that Culina Group and Great Bear are really proud to be initiating.

“This development is not just changing the dynamics of UK Transport and Logistics by dramatically improving direct supply chain routes across England and Scotland, but it’s also resulting in significant carbon emission reductions and environmental savings,” he added.