CM Downton has renewed its warehousing and distribution contract with Ineos Salt.

Downton began work for Ineos two years ago. The extension to the contract will see the operator continue to manage groupage and distribution of palletised, bagged products.

Ineos processes and bags salt at its facility in Runcorn, Cheshire, just six miles from Downton's depot in the area.

The proximity to the client has contributed to the success of the contract, said Downton, because it saves time and minimises empty running.

Downton delivers the bagged salt to industrial and food product manufacturers in the area.

David Hutchings, business development manager at CM Downon, said: "We have delivered an excellent service to Ineos Salt over the past couple of years and the extension builds on the relationship we have established.

"Our major warehousing and distribution facility in Runcorn is ideally located to serve companies in the North West region who need to get their products delivered across the UK quickly, efficiently and economically.”