Chris Hayter (Transport)

Turnover and profit remained stable at family-owned transport firm Chris Hayter Transport last year in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Witney, Oxfordshire headquartered business, which operates more than 150 HGVs out of operating centres in various traffic areas, saw revenue fall just £171,000 in the year ending 31 December 2020, to £20.4m.

Pre-tax profit increased by £153,000 to £584,000.

In a review of its business, the company said pre-tax profit was 2.87% of sales, which it added “is in line with the industry average and expected in the current economic conditions.”

Gross profit margin increased slightly to 19.79% from 18.56% the year before.

The review said: “The directors have assessed the principal risks and uncertainties affecting the company and, as last year, consider the major risks to be increased regulations, the continued uncertainty if how Brexit may affect their customers, the fluctuating derv prices affecting the transport industry and the additional uncertainty and effect of the current Covid-19 pandemic – all of which are outside the directors’ control.”