Bullet Express is set to move to a new storage facility, having filled its current warehouse just over a year after moving in.

The Glasgow-based haulier is moving from East Kilbride to a larger facility in Baillieston, where it will have space for more than 20,000 pallets.

Though Bullet is traditionally a haulage firm MD Dave McCutcheon said that with margins tightening across the board, the company had been “looking at low-hanging fruit” and decided to move into storage.

“This matched our transport capabilities,” he said, “so it’s been fabulous. Our customers have very quickly cottoned on to the fact that we can do it and we can do it well.”

McCutcheon said the new site should be operational from the beginning of May, but that he’s confident the company will fill it quickly.

“It’s a big move for us, but I’m confident we can fill it. We’ll fill this one and then think about another facility.

“Operating at 80% capacity is good, but 95% is no good because it can fluctuate up to 12% at any time.”