Cross-Channel RoRo specialist Continental Cargo Carriers (CCC) said normal service had resumed following “a huge test” at the beginning of the year following the end of the Brexit transition period.

CCC said volumes were now increasing week on week and there were minimal delays in its service.

Issues arose in January with customers stockpiling and limiting shipment due to confusion over new regulations.

In response, the company said it created a delivery duty paid (DDP) product called Continental Flow, which helped keep imports and exports running smoothly and minimised disruption.

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Carlo Turner, CCC general manager, said: “Volumes for March are now back to pre-Covid levels and are continuing to increase.

“We want to thank all of our valued customers, partners, agents and colleagues for their support throughout what has been a difficult start to the year for the logistics industry.

“Brexit, as well as Covid-19, has brought us many challenges, but we invested and adapted to ensure customers faced the least possible disruption.”

CCC operates a fleet of 270 trailers and employs a team in Belgium and the UK.

It was acquired by Europa Worldwide Group in 2018 but remains a wholly separate division.