Cambridgeshire haulier Bretts Transport said it had remained largely unaffected by both Brexit and the pandemic, as it reported an increase in turnover of 1.4% on an annualised basis.

The company’s latest set of accounts, for the year ending 30 September 2020, showed that it also returned to the black, with a pre-tax profit of £229,000 compared to the £101,000 loss it made in the 18 months to 30 September 2019.

Revenue generated at the Peterborough firm, which holds a licence authorising a total of 111 HGVs out of four depots across the Fens, was £12.88m during the period – down 32.39% compared to the previous 18 months but when compared on a pro-rata basis, it had increased.

Gross margin increased to 11.77%, which it attributed to savings made through subcontracting its haulage and staff.

In a statement signed off by the board, Bretts Transport said Brexit had created “additional regulatory requirements” on the cross-border movement of goods, but it added: “There has been minimal disruption in delivery and supply chains.

“The directors consider that the actions already taken, such as successfully recruiting more drivers, together with continuous forward planning, means that the company is well placed to respond to any new potential risks arising in the future.

“Furthermore, because the company operates solely in sterling, it is not exposed to exchange rate risk arising from fluctuations in the value of the pound as against the euro.”

The company added that as it provided a critical service, it was also unaffected by last year’s lockdown:

“The vast majority of the goods that we deliver are staple food products and the demand for these products from retailers has remained strong,” it said.

“The business premises and working practices were modified extensively to protect staff and customers, but otherwise operations continued without disruption.

“As a result, the pandemic has had only a limited impact on the business, which is readily manageable.”