Efforts to make Boughey Distribution a more efficient and therefore attractive option for subcontractors have paid off, according to owner NWF Group.

In its results for the twelve months to 31 May 2016, Boughey Distribution delivered “a strong year” despite a backdrop of intense competition between its supermarket customers.

The haulier, which specialises in storage and transportation of ambient groceries in the North West, focused on advance preparation of loads this year to ensure departures were on or ready ahead of time.

“This had the benefit of making the business attractive for subcontractors, who can arrive and leave in good time and critically has enabled the division to improve both the number of, and the margins achieved from, back load activity,” the directors’ statement said.

This saw Boughey Distribution’s turnover climb by 1.1% to £37.6m (2015: £37.2m), with operating profit up 8% to £2.7m (2015: £2.5m).

It said its Palletline operation, set up in March 2015, was “working to plan” and being used by both existing Boughey Distribution customers and others in the Cheshire postcode it covers.

The operator is continuing to add pallet spaces to its Wardle facility with the creation of reduced height pallet spaces, having experienced a capacity crunch earlier this year.