Bibby Distribution has had five MAN TGS LS tractive units converted into dual-fuel trucks using LPG for its work with Unipart Rail, in a move it suggested would save up to £200,000 of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by 10% over the next five years.

Bibby Distribution operates 30 vehicles for Unipart Rail, some of which rack up over 200,000km a year. The switch to LPG is expected to take over 66 tonnes of CO2 out of Unipart’s vehicle operations and with fuel accounting for around 30% of the overall contract cost will also significantly slash operating expenses, said Bibby.

The five vehicles were converted by G-Volution at a cost of £8,500 apiece. Conversion included fitting an additional LPG tank and an onboard computerised optimiser that analyses engine output requirements and decides which fuel to use. Bibby Distribution has also installed an LPG tank at the vehicles’ home depot in Doncaster.

With LPG costing less than half the price of bulk diesel and the vehicles all being double-shifted, payback is estimated at around 14 months.

“Escalating costs and cutting emissions are continual challenges for 3PLs but dual-fuel vehicles are a genuine long-term solution that will support customers,” commented Bibby Distribution contract manager Robert Earl. “Through these vehicles we’re keeping Unipart Rail – and by extension the rest of the country – on the move at a lower cost to the client and a lower cost to the environment.”