Bibby Distribution has leveraged its night delivery experience to win a deal with Autoglass.

Bibby Distribution’s track-record in night deliveries has helped it clinch a three-year deal with Autoglass and its wholesale division Laddaw.

The Liverpool-based logistics provider will transport glass sheets nightly from a manufacturer’s DC in Bardon to Autoglass and Laddaw sites across the country by 7am. The contract will also require the firm to meet a minimum 99.5% on-time delivery performance.

Bibby Distribution has equipped all trucks on the contract with demountable Moffett forklifts, so deliveries can be safely unloaded during the night at unmanned sites.

Night shift drivers are also provided with access to a 24-hour call centre that can provide assistance in an emergency.

John Cooper, logistics head at Autoglass and Laddaw, said: “The nature and volume of our business means we need to have full confidence our glass will be delivered safely and on time during the night to ensure we provide a great service to our customers.

“The Bibby Distribution team shares our uncompromising standards and works around the clock to ensure our technicians have everything they need for the day ahead.”

Cooper added: “Given Bibby Distribution’s experience with similar businesses in the manufacturing and automotive sectors, we know we’re in safe hands.

"Their flexibility in adapting vehicles has been a real benefit and the tailoring of their operations to the way we would like to work is showing a true collaborative approach to this new partnership.”

Bibby Distribution, along with several other operators, took on the Tetroysl transport contact from Canute Haulage.