Truck firm Beelsby Contractors has claimed its Fruehauf tippers are improving the efficiency of its work at Immingham docks.

The Lincolnshire firm said its experience with some trailers was that they were unstable on uneven ground, but it has encountered no problems with Fruehauf tippers.

It recently added two Stepframe Smoothsider tippers to its fleet and they transport seed, gypsum and grain to and from the docks.

“The new tippers are doing a lot of work at the docks, the fleet operating between 30 to 40 loads per day with many being short runs,” said Joe Fenwick, Beelsby Contractors partner.

“These new tippers can easily manage that workload because they are robust and well-built.

“We do a lot of work on the docks so the air back doors and automatic sheets are a huge advantage because it means the drivers don’t have to get out of the cabs.

“It makes our work much more efficient,” he added.

The new tippers will each cover more than 100,000km per annum, delivering and collecting from agricultural customers and carrying loads to and from the docks.