Gregory Distribution (Holdings) arrested a profit decline last year despite being “significantly impacted” by the Beast from the East.

The Palletline and Palletways member increased turnover by 8.8% to £174m during the period ending 29 September 2018, and pre-tax profit was up by 3.4% to £5.7m.

In the corresponding period in 2017 pre-tax profit had fallen 15% year-on-year to reach £5.5m, which was attributed to the loss of a major client and tough market conditions.

The company, which is part of a group that also contains Hayton Coulthard Transport and ARR Craib Transport, said it had “seen significant improvements in certain areas of the business which had presented us with challenges during the prior year”.

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In its business review to the accounts, it added that it had won new customers and exited contracts that were not commercially viable in the period.

However, it also said: “The exceptional weather conditions the UK experienced in March 2018 significantly impacted the business.”

It added that it expected overall revenue to increase during 2019, with increased activity and the introduction of new sites across the UK.

It said: “Whilst the business does not have significant distribution directly into the EU, we anticipate some impact of Brexit in the form of increased cost pressures as a number of our suppliers source equipment from the EU.”

Following the end of the reported year, the company acquired ARRC Holdings aka ARR Craib, which operates a transport and distribution business in Scotland and the north of England.

Company MD Angela Butler did not respond.