AvantiGas has picked Route Monkey software to help improve its transport planning capability with the minimum of fuss.

A supplier of liquid petroleum gas, Chesterfield-based AvantiGas has a network of 15 DCs nationwide and operates its own HGV fleet.

Andrew Cauldwell, logistics manager for AvantiGas, said: “We found that our previous scheduling tool wasn’t fit for purpose.

"We put Route Monkey through a really intensive and thorough trial period that included benchmarking both a fully and part-automated system against our existing manual planning.”

The company said it was impressed with the results and opted for a hybrid system for its operation.

“This is largely automated, helping us to improve transport planning, which is vital as it enables us to be as responsive as possible to our customers’ changing needs.”

Route Monkey’s algorithm-based scheduling and optimisation software aims to increase efficiency and improve vehicle utilisation, helping to reduce costs and fleet carbon emissions.

AvantiGas has also recently installed forward-facing cameras across its truck fleet.