Fruehauf trailer

Associated British Ports (ABP) has added 11 new Fruehauf Smoothside Sloper bulk tipping trailers to its fleet as part of a £3m fleet investment programme at the Port of Hull.

The delivery of the 11 tipping trailers is part of ABP’s plans to boost its fleet and in-house haulage team at the Port of Hull’s container, dry bulk and Finland terminals in response to growing trade at the port.

The ambition has seen a total of 30 new vehicles delivered to the port, including a 13-strong fleet of new Terberg YT222 Yard Tractors, which have been specially adapted to pull the Fruehauf bulk tipping trailers.

The Fruehauf Sloper Bulk tipper trailers, which will be largely used to move bio-mass on the docks, come with Shurko Electric sheets, Hyva rams and air-operated tailgates.

Fruehauf worked with Terberg to help them build in the tipping gear needed to allow the Terberg YT222 Yard Tractors to pull the new Smoothside Sloper bulk tipping trailers.

Fruehauf was chosen by ABP after a full tender process. Fruehauf sales director Karl Spooner told MT: “I think our bid stood out on residual value, quality and service. This was a new venture for ABP as it is the first time tipper equipment has been fitted to dock tugs.”

ABP Humber Director, Simon Bird, said its new tugs, trailers and forklift trucks are “the workhorses for the port which will be used to manoeuvre millions of tonnes of cargo including wheat, biomass, timber and soda ash”.

He added: “This major investment in manpower and horse power means that our customer base will continue to be provided with the most efficient services available. We believe that it also highlights our confidence in the port’s future as we continue to invest in growth.”