ArrowXL has entered into a contract with Direct Tyre Management (DTM) with ambitions to reduce tyre usage significantly.

The two-person home delivery firm said the deal with DTM had projected tyre use would fall by 30% over the next 12 months through a combination of smarter purchasing and driver education.

It said the use of tier 1 tyres would deliver more kilometres per tyre for its 130 HGVs and 87 trailers, which would not only cut the number of tyres purchased but also result in fewer breakdowns, less fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions.



DTM will provide ‘toolbox talks’ and training videos to educate staff and an ArrowXL ‘tyre champion’ will be appointed at each hub to manage fleet checks and ensure optimal tyre health.

As part of the partnership, ArrowXL and DTM have also built a bespoke MI dashboard providing live breakdown information, recording vehicle faults and route issues.

The company said this data would help predict future behaviours and reduce missed deliveries as a result of breakdowns.

Kelly Turner, DTM COO, said: “Since the mobilisation of the contract in early 2024, our fleet audit team have worked closely with ArrowXL colleagues to deliver comprehensive driver training and provide proactive, preventative maintenance to optimise their tyre life, increase vehicle safety and reduce their carbon footprint.”