Ann Male, The APC pic 1

The APC has announced its first female driver to successfully pass her HGV driving exam after taking advantage of the delivery firm’s warehouse to wheels scheme.

Ann Male (pictured) joined the business in January 2020 as a warehouse operative and has now passed her Class 1 HGV test, meaning she can transfer to The APC’s transport department and become the company’s first employed female lorry driver.

Jonathan Smith, APC chief executive, said: “Ann is a fantastic example of how hard work and dedication can put someone on a wonderful career path.

“Employees like Ann are the future of our business and I really hope her journey will inspire others to build a rewarding career in logistics.”

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Smith said: “In the past year we have responded to industry-wide issues of recruiting HGV drivers, implementing our warehouse to wheels scheme, to attract and train a new generation of drivers.

“Since launching the scheme we’ve been encouraged by the unprecedented levels of interest seen within the business, with 30% under the age of 30, and 12% female, indicating that the scheme is developing a more diverse pool of HGV drivers.”

The APC said the representation of women in its workforce has increased from 23% in 2018 to 27% last year, with teams and management roles seeing an increase in female employees.

Within its executive team, The APC has a 50% female representation.

The APC HR director, Corina Forman, said: “We’ve been delighted by the sheer determination and aptitude to learn that so many of our female colleagues have shown in the last couple of years - 40% of colleagues completing an apprenticeship qualification are female, and 13 female colleagues have, or are completing, a professional qualification, supported by the business.”