Actros 2545 - Andyfreight (41)

Black Country-based Andyfreight has reported an increase in fuel efficiency from its latest Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks.

The haulier has just added another three tractor units to the six supplied by dealer Midlands Truck & Van last year and will be taking on another eight in the spring.

Once the new Actros are in service, Mercedes-Benz will account for some two-thirds of Andyfreight’s 35 tractor units.

The trucks consume significantly less diesel and are returning an average of 11.27mpg.

Now with Mirror-Cam equipped, Actros returns have reached up to 12.03 mpg. MirrorCam can improve safety by providing rear vision and eliminating forward facing blind spots.

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Mercedes-Benz trucks also estimates an increase in economic efficiency of up to 1.5%, achieved by reduced wind resistance from the compact and streamlined camera housing.

Operations manager Dan Harris said “on a like-for-like basis” the Actros is “a lot better on fuel than any of the other trucks we’ve tried, particularly the new model with Mirror-Cam”.

The 17 units ordered for 2021-22 are all Actros 2545 variants with 12.8-litre in-line six-cylinder engines that produce 330 kW (450hp). The majority of these units have BigSpace cabs, with an additional three flat-floored StreamSpace variants.

The Predictive Powertrain Control manages gear changes and helps maximise fuel-efficiency and reduce emissions. The latest Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission covers most A roads and many B roads and takes account of topography, corners, roundabouts, junctions and traffic signs to deliver fuel savings as much as 5%.

Other standard features include upgraded interactive versions of the multimedia Cockpit and Active Brake Assist 5 which now employs a camera as well as a radar and is even more responsive to pedestrians crossing the truck’s path.

Andyfreight’s Actros are inspected and maintained for up to three years under a Mercedes-Benz complete service contract.