A courier firm that works with retailer Amazon has settled four cases with its drivers and the GMB over an employment status dispute.

Representing drivers at UK Express, union the GMB argued that they were employees rather than self-employed and should therefore be given the benefits that come with employment, including annual leave and minimum wage.

The GMB initially brought the action against UK Express last April.

Evidence that the drivers were employed, the union said, included the fact they were subject to poor performance reviews and were forbidden from working for competitors.

The union said UK Express chose to settle with the drivers outside of an official tribunal to prevent more cases being brought forward.

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GMB's legal lead Maria Ludkin told MT the union would "be seeking meetings with the company to now resolve this matter through negotiations, to avoid further litigation".

In a statement on the case, Ludkin said: "This is yet another brick in the road in GMB’s battle against bogus self-employment.

"Some employers seem to think they can avoid paying the minimum wage, or giving their workers the protection.

"However, as Amazon and UK Express have now realised, this is not optional – it’s the law."

Last year the GMB began numerous legal battles with delivery and transport companies over discrepancies between self-employed and employed workers, including DX Group, Hermes and Uber.

UK Express did not respond to a request for comment.