The Widdowson Corporation has been officially dissolved, closing a tumultuous chapter in the long running saga that saw haulier AM Widdowson & Son hit the skids and ultimately cease to be.

Widdowson Corporation was the company set up by HLD Group in 2015 to enable its purchase of AM Widdowson & Son in June that same year.

Despite efforts to turn around the haulier, which once counted the likes of Waitrose as a major customer, via a Company Voluntary Arrangement, it collapsed into administration in July 2016 owing creditors £13m.

Demis Armen Ohandjanian is listed as the sole director of the Widdowson Corporation, with HLD Group the ultimate owner. It was officially dissolved this week on the 6 July.

AM Widdowson & Son lived on past its July 2016 collapse as it was sold for £2.5m in a pre-pack deal to Davis Haulage Group, a business associated by common ownership. It then became Widdowson Logistics.

A recent update from the administrator handling the insolvency process, Leonard Curtis, noted £108,000 of the £2.5m sale price paid by Davis Haulage Group remains outstanding.

Widdowson Logistics stumbled on until being placed into administration in January this year following an aborted attempt to merge with Birds Transport and Logistics, seemingly killing off the famous name for the last time.

However, HLD Group has maintained a connection throughout, and in March MT revealed Ohandjanian had struck a service agreement with the administrators of Widdowson Logistics and has been running transport and warehousing activities from its Mill Lane Industrial Site base near Leicester using some of its former staff and assets.