Atego 1530 - Alpha Recovery (93)

Cramlington-based Alpha Recovery has taken delivery of a Mercedes-Benz Atego breakdown truck.

The Atego 1530 has an uprated gross weight of 16-tonnes and a ClassicSpace cab with optional third seat.

It also has an SLA Super-Low Approach vehicle transporter bodywork by specialist manufacturer Roger Dyson of Droitwich.

While one vehicle is carried on the sliding bed, a lifting section accommodates a second, and a third can be towed using a spectacle lift.

Ideally specified to attend multi-vehicle accidents, the Atego has a payload sufficient to carry two large SUVs, while the spectacle lift means it can recover up to three vehicles from a location in a single trip.

Supplied by M-B dealer Bell Truck and Van, the vehicle arrived as the latest lockdown ended and the first snows of winter swept across parts of northern England.