Abbey Logistics Group is to roll out Microlise software across its fleet of 350 trucks, replacing the three separate systems it has been using to date.

Abbey Logistics CEO Steve Granite said that the shift to Microlise will free up management hours with the removal of manual processes.

He said: “The deployment of Microlise Fleet Performance will give us the visibility we need to make effective improvements quickly.

“We are also hoping to free up management time by removing many manual processes and focusing our resources where they are needed. All of this is aimed at delivering the best service for our customers.”

The telematics package will give Abbey full sight of its fleet in live-time, as well as the tools to monitor and manage its drivers' performance.

Microlise CEO Nadeem Raza said: “There is great energy and enthusiasm at Abbey Logistics, along with an excellent company culture. The success it is seeing as a business is no accident. We’re pleased to be supporting the operations team with a telematics product to help identify and enact efficiency improvements."

Earlier this year Abbey Logistics announced it was winding down its general haulage and pallet business to concentrate on its tanker division.

Formerly known as Abbey Road Tanks, the operator grew rapidly through its tanker business, and Granite said the move would allow the business to focus on its core strengths.