YoYo MultiDrops is an exciting new urban delivery innovation making its debut appearance at Freight in the City Expo on 6 November in London.

It is a system that transforms a light commercial vehicle (LCV)  3.5t/4.25t chassis into a multi-use, multi-role vehicle, capable of being used in mixed fleets with unlimited types of bodies: refrigerated, dropside, box, Luton, cage, etc.

The unique system enables loads to be lowered to ground level and exchanged with minimum delay.

Lifting and lowering is controlled by a single operator, usually the driver, via a two-button handset, removing the need for additional on-site lifting equipment. YoYo is non-hydraulic, robust and simple to use.

According to the manufacturer, using the YoYo system can significantly reduce turnaround times, with full or part loads up to 1.5 tonnes loaded or unloaded in as little as 80 seconds.

The patented system is self-monitoring to ensure safe operation in a smooth, controlled action and comes with a host of additional safety features. This leaves users free to monitor their surroundings for potential hazards.

Retrofits are available on existing fleets up to five years old. As a fleet changes, existing load frames can be reused on new vehicles, therefore reducing vehicle whole-life costs.

The YoYo system has undergone rigorous in-house and third party testing, in line with British and European standards and directives.

Type Approval is not required, as the load frame is deemed to be a payload. This frees the converter from the expense of approval schemes or the delay of an IVA.


Following test trials, Lee Parkinson, director at Trailer Express, said: “The YoYo system will enable us to fundamentally change the way we do business. We can be much faster to respond, more cost-effective and genuinely able to meet the demands of our customers.”

Mark Barrett, general manager, LDV UK & Ireland, added: “Having seen a demonstration of the innovative YoYo MultiDrops system fitted to an LDV V80 yesterday, we recognise this is a ‘game changer’.

“Being able to exchange the vehicle body within a few minutes, YoYo can revolutionise modern logistics for the final miles; from home delivery to general utility load carrying, to specialist uses such as refrigerated or welfare units.”

Derek Bowes, marketing director at YoYo said the company recognised that operational efficiency is a top priority for fleet operators, who require a quick turnaround to ensure vehicles are in use rather than parked at depots.

“The ability to demount the body to the ground and pick up another load, all in the space of a couple of minutes offers major potential cost savings. Parked vehicles are not efficient and don’t make money.

“We’ve calculated that over three years, investment in the system with three loadframes - which could be three different types - can save over £110,000 compared with the cost of buying and operating three different vehicles.

He added that the company has already received interest from a number of LCV manufacurers, end users, converters and main dealers.

You can see the YoYo in action and book you own demo at this year’s Freight in the City Expo on 6 November at Alexandra Palace, London. The event is free to attend and focuses on policy, operations and technology to make city deliveries cleaner, safer and more efficient. Book your free pass today!