AdBlue producer Yara said it was increasing the price of its product by 5p/l after a spike in natural gas values led to a cut in ammonia production.

The fertiliser firm said it was committed to continuing supplies of the exhaust fluid, but that in order to do so it needed to implement a temporary surcharge on sale prices.

Jorge Noval, president of Yara Industrial Solutions, said: “We are committed to maintaining reliable supplies to our customers wherever possible.

“These temporary price surcharges are necessary to cover costs.”

A worldwide squeeze on gas supplies has left stored levels depleted and helped push prices up in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Yara added that it would continue monitoring the situation and wouldn’t rule out curtailing AdBlue production “where necessary”.

It said there would also be a temporary suspension of all minimum take-or-pay and exclusive supply obligations.

The measures will take effect from 1 October and remain in place until further notice.