Woodland Rail 1

Woodland Group helped a customer reduce its inbound supply chain carbon emissions by 82% after introducing a rail route at its Doncaster facility.

The logistics firm said putting freight for Ball Beverage Packaging on to rail resulted in 4.35 times less emissions, which equated to 886 fewer tonnes of carbon than if all the containers travelled by road.

The idea also meant its freight trucking system ran more efficiently and led to fewer demurrage penalties for late collections.

Woodland Group also reduced energy consumption by 70% after installing motion sensing and lux-level detection LED lighting at the Doncaster site.

Luke Fermor, head of fulfilment at Woodland Group, said: “Having the opportunity to work closely with Ball Beverage Packaging on driving carbon conscious initiatives through the supply chain has been a vital component to our partnership.

“Achieving 82% reduction on emissions on inland freight so far as a result is credit to our collective teams’ commitment, innovative thinking, and collaborative approach and we’re excited to build on this further.”