Wincanton is to trial Brigade’s Backeye360 Select camera monitoring system on one of its 18-tonners working on its Records Management division collecting paper for shredding.

As its routes are primarily in urban areas, the vehicle is in close proximity to cyclists and pedestrians on a regular basis. The camera system provides the driver with a complete view of the vehicle, combining multiple camera angles as a single image on screen, with the driver able to see all hazards and risks without looking at multiple mirrors or monitors.

There is also an option to view individual cameras at the drivers’ request.

Wincanton Records Management

Wincanton Records Management is to trial Brigade's Blackeye 360 Select camera system

Bob Chambers, national transport manager at Wincanton Records Management, said: "The innovative system allows the driver of the vehicle to literally see any obstructions or vulnerable road users anywhere around the vehicle.

"As we build up the shred mobile business in and around the City of London, this piece of safety hardware will prove invaluable in keeping a safe interface between our vehicle and vulnerable road users."