Wilson James UCL delivery

Wilson James has won a five-year contract with University College London (UCL) to act as logistics partner for the university’s Bloomsbury Transformation Programme.

The £10m contract will be serviced out of its London Construction Consolidation Centre, which last month received the gold award under TfL's Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (Fors).

The partners predict this will reduce the number of deliveries on-site by 70%. Wilson James will also be responsible for traffic marshalling and waste and delivery management for the project, which includes the exention and refurbishment of The Barlett School of Architecture.

Sean Kelly, operations director at Wilson James, said: “Having worked for over a year with UCL in a consultancy role on pre- construction planning it is good to be able to put our logistics plan into practice. We will use our experience gained on projects such as Heathrow Airport and Bart’s Hospital to minimise disruption and allow the life of the University to continue alongside the programme of works”.

Wilson James has recently rolled-out a logistics software suite named Fulcrum, which has been awarded Fors Associate accreditation by TfL. The software is able to  automatically determine the Fors status of any operator making a delivery to ensure that vehicles meet the required safety standards.

The software was first introduced at Heathrow Airport, where Wilson James was named the logistics integrator in July.