Best practice advice for operators involved in the collection and delivery of vehicles has been produced to keep the supply chain moving during the lockdown.

After the Department for Transport (DfT) wrote to the industry’s trade associations making it clear that the work of the logistics sector “should continue to the greatest extent possible through the COVID-19 crisis”, the BVRLA is urging dealerships and agents to start moving vehicles again.

It said the move was necessary “in order to unclog the thousands of cars and vans that are congesting the automotive supply chain".

The guidance includes information on the distribution of vehicles from dealerships and auction houses in compliance with COVID-19 precautions, communication with members and agents, as well as insurance cover.

“By getting these vehicles moving, we are not only helping the COVID-19 response, we are also ensuring that businesses and individuals can pick-up where they left off as soon as the lockdown ends,” said BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney.

In a letter from DfT director Ben Rimmington, he said: “Haulage drivers, managers, warehouse staff and all other logistics professionals need to continue to go about their business to keep supply chains moving, and government policy is clear that this applies to all supplies chains and not only those for food and medical supplies.”