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Warrington Borough Council has criticised government plans to create a Brexit lorry park at Appleton Thorn, close to the M56.

If the plans go ahead the HGV park will act as an internal border, providing a base for paperwork checks, alongside sample vehicle checks, for trucks entering and leaving the country after Brexit, from 1 January next year.

It is part of wider government plans to open a number of major lorry parks across the country to act as border posts, in a bid to avert queues at the Channel ports after the UK leaves the EU.

The park is expected to process trucks from Liverpool, parts of Wales and the North West region.

The proposed site has been designated under government legislation which has the power to override local planning decisions and circumvent the normal planning procedures.

The council’s leader, Cllr Russ Bowden, said: “This decision has been imposed on us without any consultation and follows an increasing pattern of centralised decision-making, without the opportunity for local engagement.

“It’s only right that the council, and our residents, have the opportunity to scrutinise these plans in detail.”

“Perhaps this is what we can expect more of in future given the government’s white paper on planning, where planning decisions will be taken nationally without proper local community engagement and democratic input.

“I call upon the MP for Warrington South, Andy Carter, to object to this decision and also to report back to the people of Warrington as to what the real impact will be for us, with Brexit next year. Decisions of this magnitude should be made locally, not through a national, centralised approach.”

Conservative MP Andy Carter MP insisted the park would benefit the local community.

“I’ve been advised that final decisions and locations on inland ports have not been made but if the site is chosen it will be part of the UK Border operation, checking goods and paperwork before they leave the UK and will generate well paid HMRC jobs, as well as giving access to some of the £470m investment funding to address concerns in relation to road usage.”

He added that he would also look into claims the site would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.