Walker Logistics said it was aiming to keep its Berkshire site a “Coronavirus-free zone” after introducing its own in-house track and trace system.

Temporary and permanent staff, as well as visitors to Walker’s premises, are now required to use their smart phones to scan a QR code which links to a short survey.

Everybody entering the building is asked to provide information such as their name and contact details, the area of the site where they will be working or visiting and details of any recent overseas trips they have undertaken.

They will also have their temperature monitored before being granted access.

Anyone not in possession of a smart phone will fill out a paper survey instead.

Wayne Petrie, Walker’s warehouse manager, said: “Our track and trace system is a simple way of recording the movements of people potentially infected with Covid-19 on our site.

“It allows us to see where an individual has been while on the premises and gives an indication of whom they may have been in contact with.

“It will enable us to alert those who could have come into contact with an infectious person to isolate or seek medical attention.”