VOSA on the M25

Vosa's delayed shake-up of the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) system will take effect from October.

OCRS changes had been slated for 30 April originally but this, and a subsequent 1 July deadline, were missed.

As of last month the agency still didn’t have a revised date for the introduction of the new OCRS system.

However, in a statement today Vosa says: “In April we informed you that the introduction of the changes to improve the current OCRS was delayed due to some technical issues discovered while testing the system.

“These have now been resolved and a full round of rigorous system testing has now been completed to enable the OCRS changes to take place.”

The scoring system rates operators depending on their likelihood of being compliant. Forthcoming changes include the removal of predictive scoring and the introduction of a straight-to-red policy for an operator’s entire fleet for serious infringements.

Guidance notes for customers can be downloaded from www.vosa.gov.uk/OCRS-guidance-notes and there is also a list of frequently asked questions available from www.vosa.gov.uk/OCRS-FAQs.