Viamaster_air ambulance

The sky's the limit for Viamaster's new SDC trailer, which has been liveried in support of a campaign for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The trailer is the latest addition to Viamaster's urban fleet, and features a picture of the Air Ambulance helicopter and a call for the public to make donations to the charity.

It will operate in towns and cities in Yorkshire after it was unveiled at Yorkshire Air Ambulance's air support unit near Wakefield.

Andrew Warrington, chairman of Viamaster, said: “We hope a lot of people will see the message and show their support for their local air ambulance service. We will also be taking the trailer to events throughout the year to help raise awareness and funds for the charity.

“We are a family business and wanted to show our support for the amazing work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. It is a service that anyone at any time could need and, as part of the transport industry, Viamaster recognises the vital service YAA provides, saving lives across Yorkshire."