Stockholder Uptonsteel has added four custom-made Schmitz Cargobull trailers to its fleet, strengthening its next-day steel distribution service.

The bespoke S.CS COIL curtainsider semi-trailers are being used to collect heavy steel coils from docks, taken to the firm’s Leicestershire base before they are delivered to customers across the UK.

Rob Wynne, operations manager at Uptonsteel, said: “The Schmitz Cargobull trailers are proving to be the perfect solution for us, with improved payload capability and reduced fuel consumption.

“We bought our first Schmitz Cargobull trailer last year, which we were very impressed with.

“They have been true to their word, with every trailer arriving exactly how they said it was going to be.”

Each trailer is built on a galvanised Modulus bolted chassis and comes with a 10-year warranty against rust-through on all galvanised parts.

A sliding roof provides access for the steel coils to be loaded through, with heavy lashing packages and stanchions inside aiding load security.

“The 10-year warranty on the galvanised chassis is a big plus point for us, the trailers are always loaded when working and the challenging weather conditions takes its toll on chassis structures,” added Wynne.

“We have seen deterioration on other products much sooner than we expected. The overall build quality of these trailers is the best we have seen on the market to date.”

Each of the new trailers feature a special design on the rear doors marking Uptonsteel’s 50th anniversary.