The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has launched a benchmarking survey aimed at establishing best practice guidelines in the logistics industry.

The UKWA’s aim is to create key measurements for the sector’s overall performance against which 3PLs can assess themselves, enabling them to create goals for improvement within their business.

The study has been devised by UKWA in partnership with the US-based Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC), whose DC Measures survey has been established for 15 years.

UKWA CEO Peter Ward commented: “The aim is to determine and share best-in-class warehousing practices currently in use by industry leaders, nationally and globally, helping those who take part to determine how their own operations compare to others across a range of key criteria.

“With the rapidly changing logistics landscape and emerging new technology, understanding how to improve, optimise and prepare your operation for the future is essential.”

Members will be invited to take part by email and the survey takes around 15 minutes to complete online. All information given is anonymous and participating companies will receive a complimentary copy of the finished report when it is published in May.