The UK has secured a 12 month derogation for Euro 5 trucks, enabling operators to delay registration of new Euro 5 trucks until the end of 2014.

Euro 5 trucks built before 30 September 2013 will be allowed to be stockpiled and registered up until the end of 2014, though all Euro 5 trucks built from October 2013 must be registered by the end of 2013. All vehicles built from January 2014 must conform to Euro 6.

The derogation is designed to allow rigid chassis to be built by the OEM with enough time for the operator to get the vehicles completed by a body builder. As a result, it is unlikely many rigid Euro 5 trucks will be built after 1 October 2013, as it will be difficult to get them bodied and registered by 31 December 2013. Tractor units could however be built and registered right up to the end of 2013 and, as Daf can build complete bodied rigid trucks up to 18 tonnes in its Leyland factory, the later date also applies to most Daf rigids.

The Euro 5 derogation is similar to previous agreements, but in this case there is no limit on the percentage of trucks that are eligible. The alternative to the three month rule would have been have been to allow manufacturers to build right up to 31 December but limit the derogation to 30% of their production volume.