The tyres of HGVs that are being parked up due to COVID-19 should be inspected to prepare them for extended parking, according to Michelin.

After a survey from the RHA revealed that around 240,000 vehicles are now laid up for the immediate future, Michelin engineers warned that tyres are not designed to carry the weight of a parked truck or trailer indefinitely.

Rob Blurton, senior technical field engineer, advised operators to inspect all tyres for visible damage and abnormal wear and cold tyre inflation pressures checked.

If pressure checks reveal under-inflated tyres by up to 14psi, check for any visible cause and then inflate to the recommended level.

Anything more than 14psi should result in the tyre being demounted and inspected.

Every four months the vehicle should be driven around a yard, or at the very least rotated a quarter turn.

Blurton said: “The very notion of parking assets for extended periods is unfamiliar for most operators, with the exception perhaps of heritage vehicles and those used seasonally, such as gritters and snow ploughs.

“However, these are important steps and will help to protect the condition of the tyres and ensure they remain ready to get back to work.”