The relaxation of rules governing road transport means it is now more important than ever that drivers undertake thorough daily walk around checks and take corrective action where necessary, according to tyre firm Prometeon.

The company has produced a five-point checklist to help drivers and operators inspect vehicle tyres and the action needed to ensure HGVs are safe for operation.

The issues are uneven wear on the outside of the shoulder; tread damage and cut to cord over 25cm long; sidewall damage; tread worn down to 2mm; and tread damage.

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It comes after Michelin warned that tyres are not designed to carry the weight of a parked truck or trailer indefinitely and that operators should be regularly inspecting all tyres for visible damage.

Peter Fairlie, Prometeon Tyre Group UK MD said: “While the rules that govern road transport in the UK have been relaxed and the traffic commissioners are taking a flexible approach, it is now more important than ever for operators to maintain their vehicles to their usual, high safety standards.”