An HGV driver has been jailed for two years after he collided with a broken down lorry on the M4, killing the driver.

Experts agreed that the lack of any reaction by Shane Davies to his Volvo artic leaving the road between junctions 15 and 16 was due to him becoming unconscious or incapacitated and not reacting to the situation that was occurring.

The incident occurred in the early hours of 16 March 2020 when Davies’ vehicle hit an Iveco lorry that had broken down on the hard shoulder.

Wiltshire police said the Volvo had moved 0.9 metres off the road, shunting the Iveco lorry along the hard shoulder.

The Iveco’s driver Craig Davies, no relation, had exited the stationary vehicle to confirm that it had suffered a tyre blow out and he then sustained fatal injuries following the collision.

A forensic reconstruction established that there was plenty of time for an attentive driver to react to any potential hazard ahead.

Ruth Sands, CPS Wessex senior crown prosecutor, said: “The manner of Shane Davies’ driving resulted in the sad and untimely death of Craig Davies.

“All drivers have a responsibility to ensure they are fit and safe to drive – the consequences of not doing so are too serious, especially if you are in charge of a heavy articulated lorry.

“This case should serve as a warning to anyone who takes the decision to drive whilst tired or otherwise unfit to drive safely. The risk is not worth taking and you will be prosecuted whenever our legal test is met.”