The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has today launched a new CPD-accredited vehicle accident investigation course for fleet, operation and health and safety managers.

It is designed to equip those responsible for fleet management with the skills to address issues arising from incidents involving company vehicles and staff.

The two-day course will teach attendees to understand, investigate and assess vehicle accidents.

Participants will be given the introductory skills required to analyse physical evidence and produce conclusions about the circumstances of an accident, with topics covered including: health and safety considerations, injury causation, vehicle examination, reconstruction methods and report writing.

Upon completion of the course, TRL said attendees will be able to:

  • Capture potentially critical short live evidence from incident scenes;
  • Investigate, understand and take corrective actions following an accident;
  • Support the staff disciplinary process with evidence if necessary;
  • Advise the company's legal position following an accident;
  • Base future vehicle safety policies, investment and actions on facts.

Individuals attending the course will also gain 11 CPD hours, which can be allocated to their professional development record.

“The course is not about teaching fleet managers how to manage their fleet effectively,” said Helen Cotton, safety and technology group manager at TRL. “It’s about arming them with the skills needed to investigate and gather facts from accidents. This not only helps to facilitate decision making and corrective actions, but can inform an organisation’s legal position and help reduce insurance costs.”

“Even minor injury accidents can result in stress, lost productivity and criminal or civil litigation, so it’s imperative that businesses understand the appropriate steps to take to mitigate these risks,” she added.

The next training course is scheduled to take place at TRL’s offices in Wokingham on 11 – 12 November 2015. For more information on the course, availability and booking details please contact at or 01344 770137.