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Just over one in 10 transport firms in the UK train their employees in cyber security, according to a survey.

The sector ranked second worst out of 18 industries polled after only 11% said they ensure staff are prepared to handle email hacking, phishing and account takeover attacks.

This was despite an alarming 41% admitting they had experienced a cyberattack via email hacking.

The accommodation and food sector was the worst for training, with just 3% actively training employees in cyber security.

Utilities, real estate and manufacturing were the best with 96%, 94% and 92% respectively saying they trained staff.

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Venky Sundar, founder of security company Indusface, which conducted the survey, said 2,200 people were polled to obtain the results: “The cyber security of any business, whether an SME or a larger corporation, is vital to its integrity,” he said.

“With technology and the internet being an integral, useful part of how many businesses operate, it is important that every company understands the risks of it being inadequately protected.

“If cyberattacks occur, a business can suffer from lost business data, a degraded reputation, and potentially a large financial cost.

“While we found that email hacking is the most prevalent, the way it is carried out is very versatile,” Sundar added.

“Phishing is a much talked about threat, however, bot attacks such as account-takeover and credential stuffing could also be used to hack emails and get access to email accounts.”