Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is looking to encourgage uptake of Clocs across the city region.

A city-centre event, featuring an Exchanging Places demonstration, was attended by operators, construction firms and local council representatives earlier this month.

They discovered how Clocs could reduce work-related road risk in their supply chains – a key aim in TfGM’s freight and logistics strategy.

A spokesman for TfGM said: “We’re looking to incorporate the Clocs standard in our own procurement and tender procedures as soon as possible, which will require a significant number of changes to our current operating arrangements.

"Within this standard, operators are required to demonstrate that they have appropriate safety management arrangements in place, for example through membership of an accreditation scheme such as Fors or an equivalent.”

Contractors Mace and Tarmac are supporting the uptake of the scheme in the North West.

Tarmac told delegates how a combination of safety-specced trucks and a focus on driver training had significantly reduced its blameworthy road incidents and seen insurance premiums drop by 10%.

An Exchanging Places event following the morning’s seminar sessions (pictured) demonstrated the differences in blind spots between an HGV fitted with Clocs equipment and an older model without.