An inquiry is to be held by MPs in the Transport Select Committee into local decision-making on transport expenditure.

Among the key issues to be looked at are: whether the government’s proposal to devolve decision-making on transport expenditure to a local level makes sense; whether local bodies like local authorities really have the capacity to assess, prioritise and deliver local transport schemes; how major transport schemes that cross local authority boundaries will be dealt with; and how local authorities might attract greater investment from the private sector for the delivery and maintenance of local transport infrastructure.

Commenting on the inquiry, committee chairman Louise Ellman MP said: “There have been a number of changes in the arrangements for funding and delivering transport projects locally. We want to investigate the complex network of bodies involved in local transport decisions and find out how they work together, both within and across local authority boundaries.

"We are also interested in hearing about the different funding schemes that are available and the extent to which these meet local needs.”

Anyone wishing to provide input is invited to send in a written submission in by Friday 13 December.  For more information, see the inquiry website.