Transaid, the international transport charity, said it had secured vital funding to help protect supply chain workers in Zambia from exposure to Covid-19.

Professional drivers in the landlocked African country have been battling deteriorating working conditions, potentially increased road safety risks and a lack of access to information and training to support them during the global health crisis.

Transaid said funding for the six-month project would help to build capacity and preparedness within the country’s transport and logistics sector against future pandemics.

Caroline Barber, Transaid chief executive, said: “More than 90% of goods in Zambia are transported by road, and drivers have been facing increasing scrutiny whilst enduring a rising level of unpredictable hazards on a daily basis.

“This project will see us working closely with our partners on the ground to deliver vital sensitisation and key messaging to health supply chain workers at the heart of Zambia’s public health response to the pandemic.”