TNT is still working to recover normal operations more than a week after its IT systems were hit by a wide-scale cyber attack.

In a statement, the Fed-Ex-owned group said “TNT continues to implement contingency plans to mitigate the impact of the virus”.

The virus hit the operator last Tuesday (27 June), causing disruption to TNT’s operations and communications systems. The operator said there had been no breach of data in the attack.

The statement said that it was continuing to pick up and deliver shipments, and that team members “across the globe” were working to help customers.

It waned that despite this, “customers still experience some service delays and restrictions in the short term”.

TNT added that it had no measure of the financial impact of the attack but that it thought it could be “material”.

The cyberattack on TNT is thought to have been part of a Petya malware outbreak across the globe last Tuesday.

Bullet Express has four customer consignments somewhere in the TNT network, and MD Dave McCutcheon told MT he has no idea where they are or when they will be delivered.

“Our customers are quite rightly going bananas,” he said, “and we have no way of knowing or finding out where the customers’ freight is. It must be one of the biggest issues I’ve ever known in transport.”

He added: “They’ve said they’re sorry and trying to get contingency plans in place. You’d think someone the size of TNT would get it back up in a couple of days. But a week? That’s getting right out of control.”