TNT small rigids

TNT Express has confirmed that the European Commission has temporarily suspended a merger bid with rival postal company UPS.

Despite the delay, which will allow the EU regulator to compile more information, TNT Express say that they “would still anticipate a closing in the fourth quarter.”

A spokesman for TNT Express tells “We have been notified of what is expected to be a temporary delay in the European Commission’s review process. Suspensions are not uncommon, it’s the result of the process of compiling information for regulatory authorities.”

The proposed merger was first announced in February, but in July the EU regulator announced that it had concerns about the potential market share the companies would receive and the implications this would have for small parcel delivery companies.

UPS and TNT Express hope that the acquisition, which would create a company with an estimated €45bn(£35.2bn) in annual revenues, would improve service quality and enhance both parties global networks.