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Route optimisation experts The Algorithm People (TAP) said its Fleet as a Service (FaaS) platform would address the problem of operators managing mixed fleets as they decarbonise.

It said FaaS, which includes its existing optimisation algorithms, as well as a geocoding service, telematics, predictive maintenance and vehicle charging technology, gives users a complete view of the status, location and availability of their vehicles in real time.

TAP chief executive Colin Ferguson said it was working with partners to integrate services into a single platform and giving value to customers: “In isolation these individual systems are focused on solving a particular business need,” he said.

“By bringing the power of those systems into one FaaS solution, we can amplify the value to the users, driving additional efficiencies and improving business performance.”

Ferguson added: “The commercial vehicle industry, across all vehicle types and sizes, will be going through a major transition in the coming years as it seeks to decarbonise.

“Managing a mixed fleet of different fuel types whether you’re the end user or the vehicle provider will be a major headache.

“The advent of our FaaS platform will remove a significant chunk of that operational burden.”

TAP said it expected to launch the FaaS service in the second half of 2022.