Freight has been given greater prominence by TfL with the creation of a free-standing Freight Delivery Unit.

Led by Ian Wainwright, TfL’s road freight programme manager during London 2012, the new unit will work closely with industry partners to build on the lessons learned from the Games.

"Freight is being taken more seriously by TfL which is good. The engagement with industry worked for the Games and we want it to keep working," said Wainwright.

He believes that 50% of what went on during the Games could continue.

"Retiming deliveries worked during the Olympics because people had a perception that they could do something they normally couldn’t," said Wainwright. "We didn’t actually change anything; the noise enforcement rules and planning conditions all remained in place."

TfL has set up six  working groups to tackle issues affecting operators delivering in London, such as kerbside access, out-of-hours deliveries, safety, and route planning.

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