Tesco has gone live with a Microlise routeing system  after a six week installation operation.  Microlise installed both hardware and software for the supermarket giant in 2,500 vehicles across 19 depots over a period of six weeks. This followed an earlier phase which saw 4,000 units installed 18 months ago.

The system gives drivers access to schedule information and route guidance, and allows them to make voice calls and send messages. A built-in “panic system” can alert the transport office of any drivers in need of assistance.

The new system will provide Tesco with real-time information on its fleet’s performance, which will supposedly cut the company’s overall mileage. This reduces its environmental impact and operating costs while increasing the fleet’s efficiency.

Alan Wrigley, international development manager at Tesco, said: "We have established a great working relationship with the team at Microlise, who have gone above and beyond to ensure an incredibly smooth installation process. It was key that we experienced no loss of service, to ensure our fleet continued to run effectively, and Microlise have delivered a great system, on time and without interruption to operations."

Trevor McGahan, director of programme delivery at Microlise, said: "Tesco were clear with their objectives from the start, which helped the Microlise team to complete a huge installation in such a short period of time. Now that the installation is complete, we look forward to continuing the relationship and helping Tesco get maximum value from the journey management solution."

Last month, Tesco announced a £6.4bn loss for the financial year ending February 2015. It has named Andrew Woolfenden as its UK distribution director, following the departure of Alex Laffey to Eddie Stobart.