Telematics specialist Teletrac Navman has revealed major updates to its alternative energy product portfolio to enable fleet managers to strategically plan, implement and track the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) to multi-fuel capabilities.

The move aims to offer operators a simpler route to decarbonisation, which it said can be an “overwhelming and very complex process”.

EVE (Electric Vehicle Evaluator) is a new EV transition platform that utilises telematics data and predictive analytics to build a plan that supports a fleet’s decarbonisation goals.

It provides intelligence for transition planning in three key areas: Feasibility Planning, Financial Planning, and Infrastructure Design, to support informed strategic capex planning and expenditure conversations.

The Feasibility Planning tool helps to identify the vehicles suitable for transition to electric based on trip and cargo data and the optimum battery and charger types to use. The Financial Planning element provides a detailed cost analysis of the total cost ownership (TCO) between EV and ICE vehicles, indicating which ones would be more cost effective to transition.

EVE’s Infrastructure Design tool models the most efficient charging infrastructure to support and sustain a transition plan. It also has the capability to factor in weather conditions, different charger powers, site charge fuse limits and varying base load; enabling fleets to build a custom infrastructure that will keep their businesses moving.

The launch of EVE is complemented by Teletrac Navman’s new Sustainability Dashboard which enables fleet managers to monitor progress against their decarbonisation targets once their energy transition has commenced.

It gives fleets a score out of 100 so fleet managers can see progress at a glance and simplify internal and external company reporting on their emissions. Operators are provided with a snapshot of savings in fuel costs and data from individual vehicles to help identify areas of improvement in driver performance that can impact emissions.

The AI-powered TN360 fleet management platform will become the single pane of glass from which to access the Sustainability Dashboard, as well as integrations with multiple business units, streamlining fleet operations further.

Explained Mayank Sharma, head of global product management & UX: “Fleets all over the globe are facing pressures to change to low carbon energy types in an efficient and cost-effective way, without disrupting business operations – it can be overwhelming. We have designed EVE to help fleet managers navigate the journey to alternative energy by simplifying what can be a very complex process.

“Our recent TS24 telematics survey found fleets need trustworthy support when it comes to decarbonisation. Our experts are always available to guide fleets through their transition, and to also ensure they’re making the most of the solutions they’ve employed, through ongoing support, tailored guidance and data reviews.”