Transport operators with a large percentage of drivers on the payroll can still take part in Best Places to Work in Road Transport.

Motor Transport, in association with Logistics Job Shop, has launched this major new  awards scheme to recognise the best employers in third-party road transport and logistics voted for the people who matter most – your employees.

After a number of operators interested in taking part in the process asked whether their drivers and other remote workers could be included in the employee survey, the organisers of the survey Best Companies Group has assured them that this will be possible.

While the employee questionnaires are normally sent by email, other options include paper forms and a secure link to an online questionnaire that will enable employees that do not have a company e-mail address to participate. Best Companies has also reiterated that any email addresses supplied for the purposes of the survey will be entirely confidential and destroyed when the process is complete.

Entering Best Places to Work in Road Transport allows you to prove to customers and potential recruits that yours is a great place to work, with motivated people, good management and a strong culture of staff development. While the results of each employee survey will be totally confidential, we will publish a shortlist of the highest ranked companies and reveal the Best Place to Work in Road Transport at the Motor Transport Awards on 1 July 2015 at London’s Grosvenor House hotel.

Logistics Job Shop MD David Coombes said he was “delighted” to sponsor this new award “recognising some of the most successful, innovative, culturally fun and purposeful organisations in the UK logistics industry”.

But being named one the Best Places to Work is not the only benefit of taking part. MT editor Steve Hobson said: “Even if your company does not come top of the rankings, the free online employee research will give you great feedback on what your employees think about working in your business.”

The benefits to a business of properly structured employee surveys are well-known. Motivation improves when staff are asked for their views on the company, its management and its employment practices. The results can be fed back into training, staff development and retention strategies, while benchmarking against other businesses is invaluable.

Is your company the Best Place to Work in Road Transport?