Innovation Partner PR4

Supply chain visibility platform FourKites has signed up more than 60 customers to its new Innovation Partner Program, chosen for playing a key role in driving innovation on the company’s platform.

Innovation Partners includes Henkel, AB InBev, Cardinal Health, EcoLab, Kimberly-Clark, Meijer, Smithfield, Canadian Forest Products and Andersen Corporation.

FourKites said the cohort of over 60 partners all have the distinction of having submitted ideas to the company that have since been built out and are now officially part of the FourKites platform.

Valeria Ochoa, Kimberley-Clarke transportation management analyst, said: “We are proud to be recognised as an Innovation Partner with FourKites, the industry’s leader in predictive supply chain visibility.

“By collaborating together in the FourKites Community, Kimberly-Clark and FourKites delivered a brand new feature to the FourKites product portfolio.

“We are proud to partner with FourKites to develop forward-thinking solutions that drive agility and efficiency in the supply chain, and we look forward to ongoing collaboration with their team.”

FourKites has a policy of working with its customers to develop new services on the platform with more than 100 services on FourKites’ platform the result of co-innovation with customers.

These include multimodal order visibility, developed in close partnership with Meijer; courier tracking, which was co-innovated with Cardinal Health; and customised real-time notifications, which were developed together with AB InBev in Europe.

The company said the FourKites community has been “instrumental” in developing technological breakthroughs to tackle supply chain challenges such as tracking quality, customisation and configuration, and dwell time monitoring.

Priya Rajagopalan, FourKites chief product officer, added: “Collaborating closely with customers has been part of FourKites’ DNA from the start. That co-innovation is the primary reason why we have been able to lead the market for real-time visibility and supply chain innovation.

“The Innovation Partner program helps to ensure that this community continues to work together to pave the way for the next generation of supply chain solutions.”